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You belong to me.... (3)

"I really should have just ended it" she thought. Looking down at Sam who was on his knees groveling and weeping bitterly, promising to do anything just to make her stay, she realized she didn't have an iota of pity or even feel remorse for making him this unhappy. 'How did it get this bad?' she pondered. Barely listening to the pleas of her husband,  her mind drifted off to the events that brought them to this point...

After the text message incident,  Sam realized Simi was worth more to him than the thrill of extramarital affairs and promised himself to stay clear of anything that would ever bring him that close to losing her again. From then on, they began the no secret policy. No secret,  no matter how small should be kept from the other person. This included offences of the other half. It worked out pretty well.

You belong to me..... (2)

They cried themselves to sleep, finding solace in each others arms. 
Sam woke up with a start later in the night disoriented, still cuddling Simi. Slowly, the details of the earlier hours of the day seeped into his consciousness. He still couldn't justify his reason for doing it. He laid there on the couch in the dark, just thinking. The night seemed to go on forever and he didn't want it to end because he didn't know how he was gonna face Simi the morning after. How could he even attempt to explain his betrayal?
 He and Simi had  agreed not to have sex before marriage due to the fact that Simi had been a virgin. He tried to the best of his capacity to keep to the agreement but night-outs with the boys was always a big temptation for him.

You belong to me..... (1)

He never imagined it would come to this. It seemed like his entire world was crumbling around him. She's leaving....
The 3 -year old marriage of Samuel  and Similoluwa Adebanjo has finally hit the rocks.

Simi had just come back from a one week official trip. Stressed out and moody she walked into the house devoid of love and smiles. Just a look at her husband and the pitiable condition of their marriage was enough to finalize her decision. She was done with this camouflage of a marriage.It all started a few months after their wedding........

One Saturday afternoon, the fairly new couples decided to spend time together just chilling at home [to at least enjoy each others company before kids begin to get in the way]. Samuel was in the kitchen cooking the only thing he knew how to cook - noodles. He said he wanted to give Simi the day off to rest.
While Simi was in the parlor watching TV and wondering what she had done right in God's presence to deserve such a wonderful partner.…


I realized recently the reason I've been having problems with coming up with write-ups that are worth reading. I strayed.
That's it. I simply lost sight, focus of what this blog was supposed to be about. So from now on, I hope to get back on track and give my wonderfully loyal readers posts that would be as wonderful as they are. 😊

Sooooooo basically today according to the topic 'erasure', I'm gonna be deciding the ONE event in my life that has to a large extent determined my stand in life today. An event that if erased, deleted from the journals of my life,  I would turn out differently either for better or for worse.
Hmmmmmmmm.....  That's gonna be difficult to decide Oooo.

My "Star-dust Frosted Caramel Muffin"

This wonderful piece was unashamedly stolen from a dear friend of wonderful talents and the brightest set of teeth ever!  Akinrinbola Abimbola . Please enjoy.... 

My gorgeous Adesola,my "star-dust frosted caramel muffin",he must have been sculpted from the very core of the sun,cause that glow isn't ordinary. I gulped nervously as he approached, "Is he headed here?" I mumbled in question nervously to my one and only friend 'Albino'. Her eyes rolled around in her head like  googly eyes for some time...   "I think so" she replied in a sing song tone,wiping her glasses on her school uniform and putting them back on,as though to make sure it really was him approaching. "Hi beautiful" he said smiling and then settled himself at the edge of my desk,At that moment I felt myself begin to melt,like butter in a hot frying pan.

A letter to the future Me

Letter to me
A letter to the future, A message to me. Not to this young naïve girl, But the woman to be.

It speaks of peace; not the surficial one known to all But the peace within, felt by some
It sounds with success, that which stems from doing what you love best
Transformed from timid lass to dauntless lady But still a work in progress Until my last breath I take , There will be no rest