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I had been watching her for weeks. She wanted it. She had been taunting me. Flaunting her body like that.
Well, I'm gonna give it to her.
It was mid-day ,perfect timing. I moved swiftly and quietly across the balcony to the screen door. The door was never locked. She really wants me to come in.
She was in the kitchen, singing along to the lyrics of Asa's "The one who never comes" playing in her headphones. Oh gal, don't worry, I'm here now.

She didn't hear me come up behind her.

ASUU strike

Well ,when it started I was happy. I felt it would give me time to prepare well for my incoming exams.
I'm not so sure that's happening. All I've been doing since is watch movies, hang out with friends and sleep.
If anything, the strike has worsened my condition. The little I knew has flown from my head.