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Na fat you fat, you no kill person!

Tears rolls down your fat cheeks.
Those very cheeks your father always said hug on your face like a bull dog waiting for its next treat.

Screams of Orobo, Orobo fill the street anytime you walk by. 
You put on a strong face, sometimes you even laugh it off. 
Going back into your closet, to cry yourself to sleep at night. 

To you, your physical look is something disgraceful, 
A taboo to society, 
A curse on humanity. 

Each time you board a bus, you open up a healing wound as fellow passengers begin to scream madam "please help us adjust" 

You try really hard, squeezing your body on the cold metal of the bus, but still they give you the evil eye, and careful calculated sighs are thrown your way. 

Shopping is another story
You sigh, as you try on the tenth cloth that doesn't pass through your fleshy motherly arms. 
Beads of sweat rolls down your body, the sales attendant gets impatient and starts screaming "madam go and loose weight oh"

You belong to me... (6)

They woke up in each other's arms late in the evening. Awareness of an unclad body so near to him brought back memories of the crazy acts they performed in each other earlier. He couldn't believe how much aroused he had become despite the fact that he was damn tired. His erected member was pressing against Glory's succulent bottom . Aware of his yearnings,Glory teased him even more, pressing herself closer to him. Sam couldn't hold himself any more, he flipped her over, thrusting into her roughly and repeatedly as if to punish her. She matched him beat for beat till the shockwaves of their orgasm hit them.  They have sex two more times before daybreak. In the middle of all this,  Simi called him but he just ignored out of anger and guilt.

Early the next day, they got dressed and Glory saw him off to the bus park. It was there it occurred to Sam that he didn't even have her number. They exchanged numbers and she bade him goodbye.
 By noon,  Sam got to Lagos and headed…

Now it ends...

Alright,  so this is my first attempt at 3-word poetry . In case you don't understand the concept of 3 word poetry, it's a type of poem in which each line consists of just 3 words. 
I wanna know what you guys think of it 😊. Enjoy! 

Now it ends
It all ends...

I'm a cockroach
Proud brown roach
Elegant and light
Always avoiding light

Here's my abode 
Home sweet home
I am pleased
Dwelling in filth