It was a hot afternoon the day she met Nelson. She was going home after a rough day at the office and as if that wasn’t enough, her Taxify trip cancelled before the driver got to her location. The cab-hailing app was beginning to annoy her with these kind of stunts.That was the reason she was standing by the roadside not too far from her work place - trying to order another ride, and _Slow_ or rather Glo wasn’t making that easy. The speed of her internet service provider was practically crawling. She was in a foul mood needless to say.  The slow network didn’t seem to be getting better so she decided to start working towards the nearest bus-stop in case shehad to resort to jumping buses. Shewas so engrossed in my frustrationsshe didn’t notice the bros walking briskly behind her trying to get her attention.

Awakening love... Part 2

Steven woke up with his arms and the room empty. Apparently, Grace had snuck out to save them the ‘morning after’ awkwardness. He stood up and hit the bathroom. He put the shower on full blast then began to think of the things that occurred over the night. He hoped that Grace would not expect anything more from him. He just wasn’t ready for commitment. He thanked

Awakening love… Part 1

WARNING: Mild sexual content


My name is Grace Ifarahanoluwa Johnson and I’m a hopeless romantic.
I met Steven through a mutual friend, Tomi. I have no illusions that it was love at first sight. It wasn’t.

One of those days...

Ikr... It's been a while. A really long while...
Today just happened to be one of those days. Woke up with a pounding head and no desire to get out of bed. Unfortunately, I had to. A mountain of bowls and containers from last night's party were awaiting me. The stink of stale stew emanating from them was already making my weak stomach threaten to bring back what's left of yesterday's dinner .

The red flag

Dressed in a blue denim dress shirt with a matching peach sandal and peach handbag, Yetunde stylishly catwalked into the exquisitely designed auditorium swaying her hips at every step she took.

Dolapo- My Soulmate

Victor, my closest friend came to my room. "Please can I borrow Dolapo for a while. " I glanced at Dolapo but she had this blank facial expression she always had. No one but me knew what went on behind that unexpressive countenance.
"Sure" I reluctantly let her go because my friends said I've become clingy to her. I could sense her reluctance as she went with him.

A trip to Yaba

For students schooling at areas close to yaba, they would know that yaba market at night is the ultimate shopping experience, especially for gals.
Where do I start from? Is it the shoving and jostling? Or the thousand hands grabbing you to either bring your attention to their wears or just for the fun of it.

Just yesterday, I and some friends needed one thing or the other and decided to go to yaba market together.
The journey started from the College of medicine, University of Lagos ,also the Lagos university teaching hospital (LUTH), where we happened to be students.
Everything was off from the beginning. You know those days when it feels like the universe is wishing against you; everything keeps going wrong? Well, this was one of the days.
Started from crossing the road right in front of the school gate. It seemed like all the bikes and buses were determined not to allow us cross to the other side. After what seemed like forever, there was a lull in the traffic and we crossed.
The s…