Awakening love… Part 1

WARNING: Mild sexual content

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My name is Grace Ifarahanoluwa Johnson and I’m a hopeless romantic.
I met Steven through a mutual friend, Tomi. I have no illusions that it was love at first sight. It wasn’t.
No butterflies in the belly and all that overrated mushy stuff.  At the time of our initial contact, I paid little attention to him because I thought I was falling in love with Tomi.
Steven was Tomi’s best friend. We all hung out together, those awkward group outings after work and on the weekends where I never got any time alone with Tomi. It was on those outings and hangouts that I began to notice Steven well. He was nice, smart, funny and pleasant to talk to. I won’t describe him as dashingly handsome but he sure wasn’t a chore to look at. Most of all I liked his confidence. He wasn’t one to blow his horn about his achievements (unlike Tomi who was all bark and no bite😂😂- that’s a gist for another day).
After a couple of months of hanging out with Tomi and his friends, I began to see who Tomi really was and there was no way in hell I was falling in love with such a narcissistic SOB, besides I wasn’t ready to become one of his harem of babes. Dating Tomi was no longer an option but hanging out was still so much fun.
After a while, I found myself getting attracted to Steven. I didn’t want to be. I even tried to be logical about it. He wasn’t rich, neither was he strikingly handsome. He was, in fact, nothing like the picture I had I my head when I pictured what the love of my life would look like.

Yet, I couldn’t deny the attraction. The day that would accelerate the track on which my heart was racing was Tomi’s birthday. The party was at the Baracuda beach resort, Ajah. It was crazy!
In total, we were eight that went. Tomi, two of his friends from work with their current and of course, temporary babes😒😒, Steven and I. Eating, drinking, a little bit of smoking and all day dancing. By late evening we were all exhausted and too high to drive home.
We couldn’t leave the cars behind to take Ubers so we decided to spend the night there.
Damn! Who knew their rooms were so expensive! The rest of the guys each picked a room for he and his bae so I was left with Steven. We decided to stay in a room together to save money.
We were too tired to even shower so we ended up crashing on opposite sides of the bed, dog-tired. Since this is real life and not some romanticized Nollywood crap, Steven didn’t vacate the double bed to sleep on the couch. In a matter of minutes, he was in dreamland. I fell asleep a couple of minutes later while trying to upload the pictures I took at the party on my WhatsApp status.
Around 1am I woke up to find myself next to Steven. Squinting my eyes at the bright light, I tried to remember how I got there.  Apparently, I had tossed and turned restlessly despite my tiredness. Unable to go back to sleep, I observed Steven as he slept. He looked so peaceful and childlike and he had this overall aura of innocence. And then his snoring began to annoy me and I kicked him lightly. Lol
He moved a bit and continued his blissful sleep. The snoring stopped for a while and then continued. I kicked him again, this time with enough force to wake him. He opened his eyes. he saw me staring at him and smiled. “Am I drooling ni? why are you staring?” he said yawning.
“you were snoring joor” I laughed
“Why aren’t you sleeping?” he inquired
“I guess it’s the unfamiliar surrounding that’s making me restless in my sleep and your snoring too” I teased
“it’s sexy, right?”. “you wish”
Our faces were already so close he didn’t move too far before encasing my lips with his. I didn’t even think of pulling back. Let’s just say he kissed me senseless. When he pulled back, I could see desire smoldering in his eyes.
He stood up to switch of the light and came back to the bed. I hadn’t moved an inch. Clothes disappeared, I don’t know where to.
He began to do things to me with his hands and mouth that seemed almost spiritual.
Before long I was quavering with the explosion of pleasure that followed.
He kissed me and I sighed softly against his lips then I whispered to him, “I don’t want to go all the way”. “okay” he said although I could sense his reluctance.
I got to work trying to replicate the magical sensations he made me feel earlier and before long, I had him where I wanted him- over the edge of ecstasy.
He pulled me close and with his arm around me as if to keep me from running away, he slept.


I was in a strange aircraft of some sort. I tried standing up to explore the place and find other people. I couldn’t move. I looked at down at my body and saw that I was in a chair similar to those found in dentist examining rooms, restrained. I was attempting to get out of the restrains when it walked into the room. It was the most hideous monster I had ever seen- even in movies. It walked, or rather, waddled to my side and glared at me with yellow serpentine eyes.
The dentist chair became a surgical table. It poked me in the calf with one of its talons. Blood began to pool on the table around the leg but I didn’t feel the pain that was supposed to accompany such an injury. The monster seemed fascinated by the blood and it poked me again. This time, I felt a dull ache at the part. My head began to swim like I was losing consciousness and a split second later I was staring into those eyes again. They seem human now. They were in fact human. It was Grace and I was in the real world now. I smiled with relief.
“Am I drooling ni? why are you staring?”.
“you were snoring joor” she laughed throatily. She still looked beautiful even without all the makeup other girls seem so dependent on.
“Why aren’t you sleeping?” I asked, wondering how long she had been staring at me.
“I guess it’s the unfamiliar surrounding that’s making me restless in my sleep and your snoring too” she answered.
 “it’s sexy, right?” I said, my eyes on her moist lips. I wonder what they would taste like.
“you wish” her foxy eyes drawing me in to find out.
She tasted like chocolate and something else I couldn’t quite place my hand on.
I expected her to draw away or even slap me but she kissed back with burning passion.
I don’t think Tomi would mind what happens between me and grace. He never actually liked her anyway. Tomi was a fuckboy in every sense of the word. He was one of those guys that had his heart broken once and has decided to avenge his heartbreak on the entire female population. Screwing and discarding any that was gullible enough to fall for the charm he oozed from every pore of his tall, dark and sexy self.
Luckily for Grace she had been able to see through his bullshit. She deserved better. Now she’s in my arms. Am I better?🤷🤷
Now was not the time to think about things like that. Not when my hands were discovering her magnificent breasts, heavy and firm. She was purring with pleasure already. The clothes were an obstacle, I got rid of them.

With a combination of techniques discovered and perfected with previous lovers, I had her climaxing in no time. She was still catching her breath when I kissed her again. She sighed then whispered to me “I don’t want to go all the way”. What?! Who does that at this point?
But I guess I have to agree unless I plan to become the monster in my dream and have my way without consent. “okay” I said grudgingly.
Thankfully, she didn’t leave me hanging with blue balls. She was surprisingly very experienced. I wonder… no, I’ll just enjoy the moment. What’s that she’s doing with her tongue? Pure bliss! those were my last thoughts before my mind went blank with euphoric rapture.
When I was back from the clouds that her hands and mouth had taken me to, I pulled her close and the warmth of her body calmed my racing heart. Within minutes, I was in the land of Nod. 😴 😴

Yeah yeah yeah...
Hello guys! I know it's been a while.
What do you think about the characters of Grace, Tomi and Steven? 
Do you think things would work out between Grace and Steven? 
Drop your comments in the section below 👇
See you on Monday with the concluding part of Awakening love😍 . Ciao! 👋 


  1. I think their characters are good. Lovely even. But I would sure not let my little cousin read this. Nice write dear. Great read for me, trust me when I say great. I just have one question... Did you write this from visual experience? Or experimental experience. Because I'm very sure there's ample experience.

  2. Awamba! You want me to cast here LOL

  3. I'm eager for more.. I hope fuckboy Tomi doesn't actually have feelings for Grace but is still doing hardguy

  4. Oh my God... How would u stop like that😶... I can't wait... I likey...

  5. Nice writeup tiffany..but how could you stop here?..You writers know how to keep someone in suspense.

  6. This is beautiful .. the suspense, the passion filled with it kept me glued all through I think grace and Steven would work out


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