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CRUSH (Part 2)

One reason I hate acting on my crushes is because at the end of everything I sometimes lose interest in them. And it's kinda weirdseeing someone you once had  an affair with when you guys aren't together anymore.
 After the cute manager episode, I was a good gal for a while . I gained admission into Yaba College of Technology and my boyfriend as at that time was also there. His presencekinda made me blind to other guys. We were always together and I actually had a nice time for the period I was there.
Then I gained admission into the University of Lagos! Hmmmnn........ .Due to the kinda reputation that Unilag has, everybody started telling my bf that I was gonna leave him soon. Even if I had intentions of breaking up with him before , the fact that people were expecting me to made me determined not to. 
Until..... this particular guy came into the picture.Tunde (not real name ) was actually a family friend. He has this amazing personality, tall, handsome and appealing aura of inn…


Crush.... Abeg, am i the only one that just crushes on guys crazily???!like i crush on guys anyhow. One thing is that, for me to crush on a person, the person must usually be in a position of authority, must be someone i can look up to in one way or the other. Either the person is older than me, smarter than me, more accomplished(like well in charge of his life) than me. He should sha be someone worth looking up to as a role model. kinda like a big bro figure. Probably because i don't have a brother and my dad is dead and the vacuum his absence created in my heart is craving to be filled . Over the years, right from when i was a kid, i always had bad cases of hero worship. I really don't see it as any thing bad, as far as i don't act on those feelings The first time i actually acted on one of those my infatuations was after my secondary school education. I went to work in a cyber cafe for a little time while i was waiting to be admitted into the higher institution. The manager …


These guys are just giving person headache. Their matter af tire me sef! I've dated a guy for 3 years now, he was my first boyfriend, we've been together through thick and thin. Recently ,I  asked for some space to get myself together,and he has been on my neck since then.
First of all, guys take note, its not all the time that a gal asks for space that she is actually breaking up with you. There are some gals that do that but if you know your gal well, you should know what she's capable of. As for me i wouldn't use that kinda method to beak up, if I'm gonna do it , I'm gonna do it fine and clear. Well,that's by the way. Now i have 3 guys asking me out, (my ex wanting to come back, a new guy calling and bugging me , and my BEST FRIEND!!) Well, i don't think i should be surprised about my bestie asking me out but i'm still surprised! I thought that after about 2 years of being best friends whatever feelings he might have for me would have faded away…

At Long Last

                        At last !  i have a blogi have always wanted to own a blog. somewhere i could express myself. well, here i am. i hope i'll  be able to continue this. cos for someone who knows me well,you'll know i'm quite a lazy person. i guess would function mostly as my diary than anything else. i wont dare own a diary cos of my mum. That woman is something else. There was this incident that occurred once. Being the writer that i am , there was this day i was idle and bored and i decided to write something.      I began to write a classic '' story of my life '' story.  the girl in the story was in her early twenties, had already had about 8 abortions , was bisexual, and had a bad womb .  After   a few months of writing the story i had forgotten about it. I don't know how my mum came across it . She just called me one morning and told me that she had a dream about me. she then began to mention some things that i had written in the story. i was conf…