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The writings of an amateur poet .......( 1).

Different strokes for different folks..........

There was a time I actually thought I was meant to be a poet 😂😂😂😂.
This was partly because I wasn't much of a talker and I preferred to put my thoughts into writing. The other reason I wanted to write poems was because of a dear friend of mine, Abimbola. She's an all-rounder writer. Poems,  articles, short stories and even novels she never completes 😀.

I just wanted to be like her, but I found soon enough that everyone is unique. Her gift is different from mine so I can't be like her. But no worries, it was just a matter of discovering what exactly my gift is [I'm still working on that ].

   Sooooooo.....basically, I'm just gonna be posting for some while the results of my efforts as an amateur poet. Some people might see this as too personal but trust me,I'm done with whatever it is I post because the last time I tried my hand on poetry,  I was in ss2. So all of that it's history.
Join me as I introduce my fi…

The day that changed everything.........

He knew I was home alone. He came knocking, asking to be let in. I tried to keep an open mind, didn't want to seem rude. I let him in. 
Uncle Gideon is a family friend, it's not like that was the first time he's come visiting. He asked of momsy, I told him she wasn't home. He said he'll wait for her, besides the movie I was watching seemed interesting.  I went back to my seat (the 3-seater nobody dares share with me) to continue the movie. He settled down beside me (like there weren't other sitting spaces available). 

The world through the eyes of a woman 5

In sickness and in healthy,
In fitness and in obesity............ 

 Getting married is certainly a very crucial step in the life of a person. It's one thing you can't afford to rush into. Unfortunately,  that is exactly what happens in our society today. ''Better go and marry'', that's every parents national anthem once the lady reaches her mid-twenities.
Although this is true for both sexes,

The world through the eyes of a woman 4

I AM A WOMAN!! - author unknown 
I am a woman, so what?

I get into an argument with a man,  he slaps me, I feel the pain, yet they tell me I provoked him. I should have been quiet,  I should have been patient.  I should apologize to him.

I get into an argument with a man,  I slap him,  they tell me I have no respect, no home training. I should have been quiet,  I should have been patient. I should apologize to him.

The world through the eyes of a woman 3

And he murdered her innocence...........

Rape is one of the most degrading, devastating emotional events that can happen to a person. It's no longer news that the evils of rape leave a sour taste in the mouth. Although the victims of rape have in recent times come to include guys,

The world through the eyes of a woman 2

Unto us a child is born, unto us a life so young.......... Tiffany©

The challenge of being a girl begins right after the arrival to life.