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You belong to me...(5)

He could hardly sleep that night.  Tossing and turning on the bed with the worst hard-on ever , he couldn't get the thought of Glory's voluminous backside out of his mind. Not like Simi wasn't well endowned but the desire for something different from the usual was overwhelming.
He thought to distract himself by calling his wife. Her phone rang and rang but Simi didn't pick up. He gave up.
  Finally he drifted into dreamland but found Glory already waiting there. In the dream, the events of that day played out but with a different end. After the drinks at the bar, they ended up in his room. Hands all over each other,  passionate kisses, fumbling and pulling at each other's clothes. Undressing her in a haste and anticipating the triumphant entry,  he woke up.
He could swear he could still feel her lips on his.


Pain, comes in variety
Heart breaking, soul crushing.
Let's enter the world of imagination,
and envision these situations...

A long, long ATM queue
in the mid day Lagos heat
You're getting closer to the front of the line
A half grin on your sweaty face.
Finally, you've arrived at the promise land,
sticking in your magic wand in anticipation...
You know that heartbreaking moment when the screen displays, "temporarily unable to dispense" ?
Yeah,  that's pain.

OK, let's see it from this angle.


He picked her up like she weighed nothing, liking the feel of her hair against his skin. Beautiful red hair fell in thick curls all the way to the small of her back. Kicking the door open, he took her into his personal laboratory. Laura. He tested her name, rolling it around on his tongue. He placed her on the metal table, studying her face intently. She was beautiful, and she looked so peaceful, almost like she was sleeping. He cupped her head, and judging by the bump at the back of her head, she would be out for about thirty more minutes. Enough time. More than enough time, he mused, his lips twisting into a smirk. It was time to get started. He studied her hands. She had long, slender fingers. He chose a dark shade of red for her fingers, applying the nail polish carefully. He clipped her toenails short, applying a matching shade of red on them. He curled her eyelashes, dabbed a little colour on her lips, and applied a little blush and powder.
          “There” he said softly, smi…


Monday: 18. 06. 2012

Woke up after series of nightmares, cold sweat ran through my skin, thought it was the usual insomnia have been battling with for weeks now but… , but this was quite different your face kept re-occurring in every nightmare like cancer it kept spreading, I dare not close my eyes for a minute, so I sat back to think.

    You would ask yourself what could be going through a 16 year old boy’s mind.

“Oh! I’m INSANE!!” or “Am I still stuck in my nightmares?”

   4:16 a.m as I kept tabs on time, I prepared to have my bath and leave for class, the Hyde-Johnson dormitory was still filled with boys sleeping, I let out a heavy sigh wishing I was in their place.

   Now 7:20 a.m, I left the dormitory en route for the dining hall, something caught my eyes, a dead bird, the first thing I saw while coming out of my hostel and it was right in front of me, my heart jolted and my brain went back remembering those nightmares I tried to keep calm saying

“it’s just poultry it’s going t…

You belong to me...... (4)

Yes, he met someone.
He arrived in Anambra on a Wednesday evening and lodged in a hotel close to the company he was supposed to visit the following day. After resting for a while he decided to get food. Checking the hotel's menu, he found out that not only didn't they have good food but that the little they had was overpriced.  He decided to take a stroll out of the hotel to get food. After all,  he had never been to Anambra, he could just get a feel of what the place was like.
Getting out of the hotel, he became aware of the lack of noise and hurried attitude he was so used to in Lagos.
About 2 streets away from the hotel, he found a restaurant. Not the kinda tush ones common in his own part of Lagos, but those 'Mama put' ones found on every street and corner of the mainland areas of Lagos.
The crowd there was enormous and he was just there standing at one side wondering how he would get anything out of this frenzy.