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Seyi Storm- Emafo Ft. Hotshot

DOWNLOAD MP3: Seyi Storm- Emafo Ft. Hotshot

This  smoking hot jam just needs to grace your playlist for it to be complete.                                 It's just craaaaazy! An addictive mix of rap and Hip Hop. Sha download it,  no miss out

Emafo o! It's sure not to disappoint

Writings of an amateur poet.... 4

Missing a brother,  missing a friend. 😢 Having your dad as a friend is one of the greatest gifts you can have as a child. The closeness, the playful fights, always missed;  never forgotten.

Writings of an amateur poet 3......

I'm gonna make this as short as possible because I'm beginning to have second thoughts about posting my little, and in some cases dirty secrets on this blog for anyone to see. Nevertheless,  I'm committed so I just gotta do it.
I really don't know what was going through my mind when I wrote this...but as I said two posts ago,  puberty is one crazy period. I'm not gonna bore you with unnecessary talks so here is it. My 4th attempt at poetry.....  INSPIRED BY INFATUATION.....

Fat Diaries: Confessions of a fat girl

"Why are you so fat ?", "Orobo!", "Fattie go and lose weight!", and so on and so on were the catcalls from the collectively illiterate minds of the beings that populated Mariere hall as I passed by this afternoon.

Detached I wondered if they had a reason to being in school or if they could even spell the word education.

The writings of an amateur poet .......( 2).

Well......... I guess everyone passes through this phase of their lives when organs you didn't even notice you had previously begin to influence your every thought and action.Remember that time when fitting in and 'feeling among' seemed to be the most important things. Being fake and acting like you're expected to in order to be friends with the 'cool' ones. Daydreaming about that cute guy in class, doing crazy stuff just to make that fine girl in your class notice you.......  hmnnnnnnn...., I think you remember.

Although, I can't be so sure that everyone reading this is past this stage cos you can still find some peeps in their early 20s still doing all this weird sh*t because they haven't discovered themselves yet,but i can assume that looking back to this time in your life, you can't help but smile and wonder what was wrong with you then